The Hex Files: Wicked Long Nights
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When a powerful witch goes missing from the NYPD, Dani is dragged out of retirement to assist her sometimes boyfriend, sometimes boss Captain Matthew King in locating the detective before it’s too late. But things are never that easy, and Dani is soon faced with three bodies missing from the morgue, two reports of necromancy that rock the borough, and a new strain of illegal magic wreaking havoc across Wicked. Dani doesn’t know who to trust. The medical examiner is lying. A detective is reverting to dangerous habits. A rich lawyer is wrapped up in a gruesome murder-suicide. In addition to the job, Dani’s forced to balance a potential new suitor with her complicated feelings for Matthew while demons from her past threaten to destroy the future. When the case begins to crumble from the inside out, Dani must re-examine those she loves most...and risk losing everything in the name of justice.
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