Today’s leaders often lack clarity and therefore the ability to execute, leaving their organizations mired in the status quo. Renowned leadership expert Mark Sanborn demystifies the essential elements of great leadership and provides a formula for leaders to achieve breakthrough success.

Culture, inspiration, and emotion--these are the three new imperatives of the intentional leader. They’re the focus of consistent action that a leader must take daily to lead powerfully in the world that is, not the world that was. While every company will approach these three imperatives differently, they’re the backbone of a successful company, and they’re the essential elements of intentional leadership.

The Intention Imperative explains how five very different businesses use clarity of purpose and consistent action to achieve extraordinary success in their given fields. Using their practices as examples, Sanborn shows how they’ve harnessed the three imperatives and how it’s possible to improve your own business by adopting their practices. The larger points of intentional leadership, intentional leaders, and their place in the current world are explained, giving listeners the opportunity to spot the parallels in real-world examples. In addition, listeners will

Discover why motivation isn’t enough today, and why employees need inspiration to deliver great resultsBuild a culture that powers the right actions and creates the right resultsMake a shift in thinking, to design and deliver positive emotions for customersLearn how other organizations have applied intentional leadership principles and achieved breakthrough results

Accompanying charts and graphs are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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