The Invisible Prisoner, The Confessions Of Arsène Lupin
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This collection brings together the best tales and stories for little boys. It includes folk tales, classic tales by Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Andersen, stories from Danmark, France, Italy, England, and the Arabian Nights; all these stories from around the world respond to boys' desire for exploration, feed their imagination, and help them develop their intelligence with timeless wisdom from every country. Enjoy the best tales and stories for boys, narrated in a warm and lively way: The Brave Tin Soldier, by Andersen; The Master Cat or Puss in Boots, by Charles Perrault; The Three Little Pigs; The Snow Man, a rare tale by Hans Christian Andersen; Blue Beard, by Charles Perrault; Tom Thumb; The Story of Peter Pan, adapted from the play by James M. Barrie; The Ugly Duckling, by Andersen; The Frog Prince; Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, from One Thousand and One Nights; The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids, an ancient folktale; The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by British author Beatrix Potter; and Pinocchio's Adventures in Wonderland, by Carlo Collodi.
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