The Pink Fairy Book
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The Pink Book of Fairytales was the fifth compilation of fairy tales published in 1897. The Fairytales featured include some by Hans Christian Andersen. These Fairytales are gathered from the folklore of Europe, Scandinavia and Africa. Kids love stories of fire-breathing Dragons! Read the enchanting fairytales from the Pink Book of Fairy Tales  by Andrew Lang. Enter the magical and enchanted world of Fairy Tales! Read these wonderful of Fairytales to children and fire their imagination! Transport them into the world of Fairies, Witches, Wizards, Giants, Brownies, Princes, Princesses, enchanted castles, wicked queens and evil Sorcerers! A fairyland, full of Fairy Tales, where magic spells and magic wands battle against evil Hobgoblins and Dragons. From the Pink Book of Fairy Tales.
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