Boekomslag van Shimmer of Hummingbirds, A

Shimmer of Hummingbirds, A

Beschrijving van het boek

Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune hopes an overseas birding trip will hold some clues to solving his fugitive brother's manslaughter case. Meanwhile, his long-time nemesis Laraby has been drafted in as cover to investigate an accountant's murder. With the manslaughter case poised to claim another victim, Jejeune learns that his girlfriend, Lindy, is in grave danger, and she needs Jejeune. Soon, he is faced with a further dilemma. He can speak up on a secret he has discovered to Laraby's case, knowing it will cost his job on the north Norfolk coast he loves. Or he can stay silent, and let a killer escape justice. Turns out that sometimes the wrong choice is the only one there is.