The Tour de France Quiz Book
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Now is the time for all you cycling fans to discover whether you will be awarded a Yellow Jersey and be crowned winner of Le Tour for your efforts in facing the awesome challenge of answering the 1,250 graded questions in this quiz book, or whether you will be pedalling backwards all the way. Test your knowledge of riders, nationalities, courses, teams, managers, stages, time trials, points, years, records, victories and losses throughout the Tour the France's long history. Do all those jerseys leave you colour blind? Do you know your étape from your peloton? And what does a red flag signify? Encyclopaedic in terms of the vast amount of fascinating information it contains, this book will trigger wide-ranging recollections of Le Tour's much-loved personalities and memorable events, from its beginnings in 1903 right up to the present day - not a journey for the faint hearted!
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