The Waking of the Nightmares (Phantasmic Wars, Book 3)
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“Prophecies seem like no more than fairytales. Until you're in the middle of one and you realize there's no one who can save the happy ending except for you.” Phantasmagoria...where all the forgotten dreams go, where all the imagined things, both good and bad, make their home. Tom, Katie, Chad, Sharice, and Melissa have only one more artifact to find - just one. That's it. Easy, right? Wrong. Between an increasing number of nightmare creatures and the ever-ominous Blank, their attempts to find the third and final artifact are thwarted at every turn. Can they recover the third artifact before it's too late? Back in Cedarville, Minnesota, the few people who remain unfrozen face a fresh fear as some of their ranks succumb to an unusual illness. Mr. Blackburn and the other Movers must make a difficult decision: to flee danger or to band together and fight? Join Tom, Katie, Chad, Melissa, and Sharice as they adventure through Phantasmagoria, encountering everything from crinkle-backed snapblasters to pixies, on their search for one more artifact...before time runs out.
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