Zot the Dog - Complete Collection
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He's not Spot, he's Zot! Here you'll find all original episodes of the adventures of Zot The Dog and Clive produced by Philip Lowrey. Directed by Emmy and Bafta Award winner Francis Vose and voiced by Phil Cool, this animated classic made in 1996, tells the adorable story of two friends sharing humorous and zany adventures together. Adapted from Ivan Jones' best-selling books and originally broadcast in 1998 as a 13-episode animated series for the UK's ITV. Zot the Dog tells the tale of Zot, a good hearted, fun loving but rather bouncy dog and his best pal Clive. Together they embark on many adventures in the countryside as they discover a wonderful, uncomplicated world where all of the animals talk...except Zot, who doesn't need to! Episode 1 - The Tip Episode 2 - Super-Swooper Episode 3 - Little Darlings Episode 4 - The Bone-Shaker Episode 5 - The Ghost Episode 6 - Snoozlegoose Episode 7 -The Skeleton Cave Episode 8 - The Lake New Monster Episode 9 - Zot of the Antarctic Episode 10 - Zot the Frog Episode 11 - Rattled Rats Episode 12 - Snake Charm Episode 13 - Ship Shape
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