It comes from God, and it is within your reach . . . the applause of heaven.

A joy that can't be quenched? A peace that can't be broken? A happiness that can't be threatened?

There are such things. They are anchored in sacred delight, a holy gladness. You can't open your Bible without reading about it. You can't live a truly satisfying life without it. And it's nearer than you think.

Jesus describes that sacred delight in the astonishing mountain message we call the Beatitudes. And Max Lucado, in this classic exploration of enduring joy, shows you how this familiar but revolutionary prescription for living can bless your life beyond your comprehension.

Imagine God doing what gods would do only in your wildest dreams—wearing diapers, riding donkeys, washing feet, dozing in storms, and dying for your mistakes. Imagine having God as your pinch hitter, your lawyer, your dad, your biggest fan, and your best friend. Imagine having the King of kings in your cheering section and hearing the applause of heaven ring out . . . just for you.

But don't just imagine it; open your heart to it. To the heavenly joy of knowing the God who delights in you.

A study guide is available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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