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How does the free trial work?  
All new customers can enjoy a two-week free trial with BookBeat. Starting a free trial is easy! All you need to do is create an account here on our website. Thereafter you can download the app onto your mobile or tablet, log in and start listening! During your free trial, you can enjoy unlimited listening – meaning you can listen to and read as many books as you’d like. After your free trial, your account will automatically become a paid subscription with a monthly fee. If you cancel your account during the free trial, you will not be charged. You have until the last day of your free trial to cancel your subscription before your account automatically transfers over to a paying account and you are charged for the coming month.
What does unlimited listening mean?  
With BookBeat you get unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks! What do we mean by unlimited access, you may ask? You’ll be able to download and stream as many books as you want a month. You can check out our Bookshelf, find a book you’d like to enjoy and test it out. If you find that its not right for you, you can just head back into our catalogue and find another great listen. No credits, no returns, just unlimited listening to our favourite books. Right at your fingertips.
Can I listen to audiobooks offline without mobile data or internet?  
Of course you can! It’s super easy to listen to an audiobook offline. All you need to do is choose a book you’d like to read and download it using the BookBeat app. The only restriction you have to how many books you can download is the amount of memory you have on your device.
Is BookBeat free?  
BookBeat is free of cost during your trial period. After your trial ends, your subscription will automatically turn into a paid account where you will be charged on a monthly basis for access to BookBeat.
How many people can listen at the same time?  
BookBeat is meant for personal use and you can only listen from one device at a time.

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