Desire 4: Pavilion of Desire
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”Alison can see Chris, the biker guy, and a couple of other men standing along the wall watching her. When the woman goes down on her, she starts kissing all the other bodies around her. She is enjoying being the center of attention. Being fucked in public.”
In an attempt to spice up their sex life, Alison brings Chris to a sex club for the first time. There are bodies and people everywhere, different sizes and ages, and once Alison feels a bit more comfortable she joins in the sexual liberation, enjoying every part of it and as an extra bonus, with her orgasm, has a revelation about her orientation...
Keywords: erotica, sex, desire, lust, passion, public, sex club, orgasm, oral sex Malva B. is a pseudonym for a Swedish writer of erotic short stories. Her stories are highly popular in Sweden and for the first time they are available in English.
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