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Here for the Drama

The best sizzling and laugh-out-loud romance of 2022 - TIKTOK made me buy it

Description of book

She came for a job. What she'll get is the performance of a lifetime.

Aspiring playwright Winnie D'Angelo has spent the past seven years waiting in the wings, working as a personal assistant to celebrated, feminist playwright, Juliette Brassard. But when an experimental theatre company in London, England decides to stage Juliette's most renowned play, accompanying her mentor across the pond could finally be Winnie's moment in the spotlight-assuming everything goes smoothly. And with Juliette's very charming and very off-limits British (hello, hot accent!) nephew suddenly in Winnie's flustered orbit, what could possibly go wrong?

Smart, handsome, and sweet, Liam is everything Winnie didn't expect from what's turning out to be an increasingly hectic work trip, but his family ties to Winnie's boss pose a serious problem. Still, Winnie is falling for him. Hard. How could she not when the guy's kisses are worthy of a thousand encores? But with Juliette stubbornly butting heads with the play's director, Winnie knows that more than anything, the show must go on, even if it comes at the expense of her own work-and her burgeoning relationship with a guy she suspects might always hold her heart, even from half a world away.