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Laura Starkey Book Two

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Don't miss the hilarious and feel-good second book from Laura Starkey, author of Rachel Ryan's Resolutions.

Amy Perry is driven, ambitious and proudly unromantic. So what if she's more passionate about her career than she is about her handsome boyfriend? It's all about priorities when you're young.

But when she is forced to leave the city and go back to the village she once called home, Amy faces her worst work nightmare - setting up a romance imprint for the publishing house she works for.

As Amy adjusts to life with no bars, boutiques or dairy substitutes, she also comes face to face with someone she's spent years trying to forget. Before long she's as swept up in village life as she is in the romantic manuscripts she has to read - and finds herself discovering unlikely parallels between the characters' lives and her own.

Perfect for fans of Beth O'Leary and Ruth Jones.