Midsummer Night - Erotic Short Story
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Reeling from a break-up, Alicia is on her way to a Midsummer celebration with her best friend Alex. In the car on the way there, Alicia begins seeing her childhood friend in a way she has never allowed herself before. How would his gorgeous, warm body feel against her? But Alex, with a new girlfriend in tow, is forbidden fruit. When they arrive at the party, though, everyone is very friendly. More than friendly, actually... This will be a Midsummer night to be remembered. Katja Slonawski writes exciting and charged short stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Focusing on the bubbly sensations that can only be brought to life by touch and expectation, she describes complex characters and challenges the idea of a traditional erotic short story. Katja Slonawski is an author of short stories and a word artist. She lives in the south of Sweden, but she is born and raised on the west coast, in Gothenburg.
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