Nettles and Sauna - Erotic Short Story
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It's winter, almost Christmas, and Lilly is finally about to see Isabella again. Isabella rimes with novella. They are about to celebrate Christmas together in the little cabin in the woods where they have met before and where they have made love before. The same moment she walks into the cabin, a wave of expectation and lust washes over Lilly. The dynamic in the cabin is obvious – they both know their place and they are both ready for a steamy game to start, a game that will even melt the snow.
Nettles and Sauna is an erotic short story about love and lust, about leading and following. It’s Christmas, but not any other Christmas. Saga Stigsdotter is a Swedish author who writes norm-breaking stories that explores our inner desires and urges, often with some humor. She has published short stories within different genres and has appeared in several anthologies and magazines. Saga Stigsdotter attended the writers’ program in Jakobsberg in Sweden.
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