Preview - erotic short story
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Things have always been professional between Ellie and Paul Miller. Well, most of the time, at least. After their encounter in the bar where things got... heated, everything has gone back to normal. But an unforeseen turn of events right before curtain call of the first preview of Paul’s new Broadway show results in Ellie ending up in his private box. Alone with Paul. And his intentions are clear.
What starts as a hand resting lazily on her leg, quickly turns into an encore of their encounter in the bar. Now, it is Ellie’s turn to reciprocate the favour. But how much can you actually do in a private box in a room full of people? Quite a lot, it turns out. As long as you stay below waist level...
”Preview” is the second story about Ellie, a series that started with the story ”All about hands”. Julie Jones is an anonymous writer of erotic stories. She writes through a feminist perspective and questions the societal norms. Behind the pseudonym is a woman with backgrounds in many different industries. Her inspiration comes from social media and conversations with people she knows. Her writing career started with a blog where she wrote erotic fanfiction about boybands. Some of these stories are now being published. The names have been changed but the stories are just as hot.
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