Saturday at the Office, Before Noon
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The young couple. The first time. Daring flirtations. The secret, forbidden meeting. The young student and the teacher. The older gentleman and the innocent virgin. You, me and a friend.
This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains the following stories:
”The office was always empty on Saturday mornings. However, two people had planned to get some work done on this particular day.” – Saturday at the Office, Before Noon by Thor W. Hammer
”He was a warehouse boy, and she was the boss. She wanted to be 18 again.” – Mother will look after you by Roy Rebo
Since 1984, Cupido has been publishing a weekly magazine bursting with sex stories and informative articles on sexuality and pleasure, without judging or shaming its readers. In Cupido’s universe, everyone is welcome and everyone is represented. The short stories in the magazine are written by the readers themselves, and they are guaranteed to make you blush. Sex in an everyday setting becomes anything but ordinary when Cupido’s readers write about it, and the result is sexy stories that breathe joy, playfulness and pleasure.
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