Book cover for The Boys of Baseball Box Set

The Boys of Baseball Box Set

Books 1–3

Description of book

A thrilling collection of the bestselling THE BOYS OF BASEBALL series from New York Times bestselling author J. Sterling.


Cole Anders is in his last season at Fullton State. If he doesn’t get drafted this year, he’ll be forced to hang up his cleats for good. It’s not something he’s ready to do.

To prove he’s serious about his final season, he’s given up girls. No more hookups, dates, or one-night stands. But there’s one girl who has always refused to give up on him. One girl who has been there since the start of Freshman year. One girl he stupidly assumed would always be waiting for him when he got off the field, no matter how long it took.

Can he have baseball and the girl, or will he lose both forever?


Chance Carter is the son of local baseball legend, Jack Carter. Now in his junior year at Fullton State, Chance is facing challenges he never saw coming. Failing a class will stop his draft season short, making him ineligible to play and pushing his goal of professional baseball even further away.

In steps Danika, a mouthy tutor from New York, who only wants to help him pass his class … NOT get in his pants. But try telling that to Chance. He doesn’t trust girls and he definitely doesn’t trust his new tutor. A lifetime growing up as a Carter taught him that.

Come listen as the sparks fly between these two as they navigate waters they never saw coming!


Mac has one more year of baseball eligibility left. One more year to show the major league scouts that he’s worth it. That he’s good enough to play professional baseball for them. He’s not sure that he is. So far, not a single scout has approached him. There are no agents banging down his door, hoping to represent him; no emails, no phone calls, no messages through Coach Jackson. No, nothing.

All the girls want him because he’s a Fullton State baseball player. What happens if he longer is one? Who will want him then?