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The Unseelie King and I

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He's the king of all the Unseelie fae. And I'm his bride.


You'd think that as the Royal Seer, I would've foreseen the tall, shadow-cloaked fae appear in the gardens. And how we'd share a bench, an intimate conversation, and a kiss.

But I didn't.

When he offers his arm to escort me back to the king's ball, I find myself taking it. And learning his identity.

The Unseelie king—a reclusive male with magic too powerful to comprehend.

Clearly, I shouldn't have kissed him.

My mistake.

My huge mistake. For now, the Unseelie king demands something my king isn't willing to give.

That I become his bride.


My nephew wants to steal my crown.

This forces me out of seclusion and into society, particularly the lavish halls of the Seelie Court. I'm searching for a bride.

I meet her as soon as I step into the gardens of the Golden Palace. The Royal Seer, a beauty with laughter made of sunshine, intriguing boldness, and a kind heart—a tempting combination I must resist.

Although I knew this engagement was never real, it begins to feel anything but. And now I'm not sure how I'll ever let her go…

The Unseelie King and I is a no-cliffhanger fantasy romance with a HEA. Best read as a part of the Fae-ted Kings series, but can be read as a standalone.