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A Cursed Love

Description of the book

A curse to break.** A crown to take.** A malignant blight ravages Tearmann, wreaking havoc on the lives of the Danú. If Tadhg and Keelynn cannot find a way to stop it before it reaches the castle, there won’t be anything left for them to save. While the blight rages on, Aveen and Rían face troubles of their own. Between confronting ghosts from the past and fending off the Phantom Queen’s thirst for vengeance, peace and happiness seem too far out of reach. It isn’t a matter of if the Princes of Tearmann will fall, but when. Because the Queen is coming for them all… And the cost of crossing her may finally be too high to pay. A Cursed Love is the final book in the Myths of Airren series, following the events of A Cursed Kissand A Cursed Heart, as told by Tadhg, Rían, Aveen, and Keelynn.