Gift card

Buy a whole library for someone you like! BookBeat gift cards allow you to enjoy reading and listening to thousands of audiobooks and e-books with BookBeat.

If you run out of hours, you can always upgrade your current gift card.

How gift cards work

It is easy to buy and redeem a gift card. Do not forget you can have several active gift cards at the same time.

Find email with gift card code.

1. Digital gift card

You do not need to have a BookBeat account to be able to buy a gift card. You will receive an e-mail with your gift card code after your purchase.

Listen and read. Choose between over 500 000 titles

2. Redeem your gift card

The gift card contains a code which can be redeemed on this page.

Download the app and start listening

3. Download the app

You will find the BookBeat app in both App Store and Google Play. Log in and listen to your favourite books.

Listen and read. Choose between over 500 000 titles

4. Listen and read

Now you just have to find your favourite books.