A Devon Midwinter Murder - The Devon Mysteries, Book 7 (Unabridged)

Rating 4.6
8h 57min
The Devon Mysteries

Description of the book

With the festive season fast approaching, amateur sleuth Juno Browne helps organise a Christmas Fair to raise funds for Ashburton's local animal sanctuary. The event is a success, but whilst Santa is handing out presents in the fairy-lit grotto, a murder is being committed in a dark corner of the garden. Juno discovers the body of Bob the Blacksmith, found clutching a horseshoe decorated with a sprig of elder.

Suspicion falls on Bob's longsuffering wife, Jackie, and on Don Drummond, with whom Bob violently quarrelled in the past. From this cloud of suspicion, Juno begins to make connections between Bob's murder and previous 'accidental' deaths, but her course is obstructed by those who insist on links to ancient folklore. Determined to take the evidence with a generous pinch of salt, Juno navigates pagan ceremonies and astrological connections that turn up yet more bodies on a deadly path to the truth.



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8h 57min





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Allison & Busby

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