Book cover for A Murder of Crows

A Murder of Crows

A completely gripping British cozy mystery

Description of the book

Dr Nell Ward is an ecologist, not a detective. But when she's the prime suspect in a murder, only her unique set of skills could help to clear her name...

In the sleepy village of Cookingdean, Dr Nell Ward is busy working in the grounds of a local manor house. Whilst inspecting an old tunnel, she did not expect to overhear a murder. As the only person with any clues as to what happened, Nell soon finds herself in the middle of the investigation.

Desperate to clear her name Nell, along with her colleague Adam, set out solving the murder using their skills as ecologists to uncover details no one else would notice. But it soon becomes clear that playing Agatha Christie is much harder than it might, at first appear...

The start of an exciting new cosy crime series - perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Fiona Leitch, Faith Martin and The Appeal.

Praise for A Murder of Crows

'It has a great combination of suspense and romance.' - NetGalley Reviewer

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in record time.' - NetGalley Reviewer

'Such a good read! This is perfect for fans of Richard Osman!' - NetGalley Reviewer

'With a compelling plot and a solid narrative, this is a wholly immersive one-sit read.' - NetGalley Reviewer