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A Strange Intrusion

Description of the book

Uncover the chilling secrets that bind the past and present.

When a remote country house near Trige in East Jutland becomes the scene of a deadly crime, Detective Roland Benito is faced with a case that turns out to be much more than an ordinary home robbery...

Meanwhile, journalist Anne Larsen has been laid off and soon after finds herself embarking on a haunting investigation of her own. As homeless people mysteriously disappear from the streets, she uncovers a dark connection that leads her back to the Viking Age.

Can the cases be cracked before it's too late?

"A Strange Intrusion" is the third book in the hugely popular Danish crime series about Detective Inspector Roland Benito.

Inger Gammelgaard Madsen is a prolific Danish crime writer, most famous for her Rolando Benito detective series. Madsen is also the author behind the "Teilmann" series, which was picked as an Audible Original title and published in four languages.