Book cover for Burn Your Sh*t

Burn Your Sh*t

The Life-Changing Magic of Rituals

Description of the book

Are you ready to release the old so you can embrace the bold? It’s time to Burn. Your. Sh*t.

Rituals are routines infused with loving intention. The empowerment and unburdening they provide is immense and undeniable. Whether you’re releasing something (or someone) with a Full Moon ritual, elevating your morning skincare routine with a ceremony of self-love or celebrating a milestone moment, rituals can enrich—and even transform—your life.

Burn Your Sh*t guides readers to discover what is possible (and the work that needs to be done) with rituals to help them step into their potential and make their own magic.

Full Moons are an opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or any other bad mojo that’s hanging around. Crystals can promote healing and boost manifesting. Sacred geometry offers ancient wisdom to amplify ambitions. Sleeping on top of intentions can turn your life around.

You can easily customize rituals to meet you where you’re at in any given moment—from fuelling your body to finding your soulmate. With the right rituals, you can face challenges with clarity, connect to your inner wisdom and become the designer of your dreams.

A supplemental Enhancement PDF accompanies this audiobook.