Book cover for Changed: Living with Stillbirth

Changed: Living with Stillbirth

Description of the book

The loss of a child is the most devastating event a parent can face. Sharing her experience about the loss of a desperately loved daughter, and the effects that go beyond what people could ever imagine, Liza Jankowski explores her deepest thoughts and feelings surrounding stillbirth in this moving memoir.

As she discusses the impact on her relationships, her subsequent pregnancy and what she ultimately learned, ‘Changed’ weaves a powerful combination of a mother's personal journey with helpful information to offer comfort, hope and understanding.

A true support for bereaved parents and an aid for health professionals alike, this book is for anyone experiencing or supporting those with the feelings and emotions that arise after stillbirth.

Liza Jankowski is a part-time pharmacist and volunteer parent support worker with SIDS and Kids in Adelaide, Australia. The author of the powerful and moving memoir ‘Changed: Living with Stillbirth’, Jankowski is the mother of four children, two boys and two still born girls. She is hopeful that her book will provide comfort and hope to bereaved parents and also help health professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the feelings and emotions that arise after stillbirth.