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Eicca – The Connection Creator

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At home between worlds.

Tattered jeans and band t-shirts are not the typical attire at the Sibelius Academy. But the future soul of Apocalyptica was cut from a different cloth. The saga of Finland's most recognized cello player is exciting, inspirational and extraordinary.

When Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich chose his wedding music, Eicca Toppinen got the call. When Richard Wagner's bicentennial feast required extra zest, Eicca Toppinen got the call.

All the while, Eicca led a happy family life raising two sons until his marriage came to an end. The separation was not easy, yet crucial for his inner growth.

At twenty, Apocalyptica are million-sellers. Defying all odds, they kicked off a global success story by arranging Metallica for cellos. Nine albums on, their unique crossover keeps gaining momentum.

Eicca's friend ever since the turn of the Millennium, Petri Silas has followed Apocalyptica from day one. A professional music writer with a career spanning over three decades, he is the author of Chaos, Control & Guitar, the authorized 2020 biography of Children Of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho.