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The explosive new book from longtime royal journalist Omid Scobie and author of the international blockbuster Finding Freedom, Endgame a penetrating investigation into the current state of the British monarchy.An unpopular king, a power-hungry heir to the throne, a queen willing to go to great lengths to preserve her image, and a prince forced to start a new life after being betrayed by his own family.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death ruptured the already-fractured foundations of the House of Windsor – and dismantled the protective shield around it. With an institution long plagued by incidents involving antiquated ideas around race, class and money, the monarchy and those who prop it up are now exposed and at odds with a rapidly modernizing world.

Relying on his vast experience as a royal reporter and over a decade of conversations and interviews with current and former Palace staff, trusted friends of the royals and even the family members themselves, Scobie pulls back the curtain on an institution in turmoil to show what the monarchy must change in order to survive.

This is the monarchy’s endgame. Do they have what it takes to save it?




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14h 2min





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HarperCollins UK

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Reviews of Endgame

Felt he was too biased. Seems to be on harry and Megan's side. Would of thought he'd be more neutral. Nothing against Harry, I hope he and his family reconcile, not a huge Meghan fan but Harry deserves to be happy I guess


Very interesting overview of the Royal Family, the historical context of this institution and their role in the future of this country and other commonwealth states, who hold increasingly Republican views. Beautifully narrated by the author with current issues surrounding the Royal Family deftly tackled. I loved the use of quotations at the start of each chapter, to contextualise the content that was to follow. On the downside, at times I felt the author was a little too critical of Kate, always suggesting an ulterior motive for her actions, even her charitable endeavours. I feel the same compassion should be shown to Kate wanting time with her children as is shown to Meghan wanting to step away from the limelight and focus on her family.


A bit of a slog but some interesting chunks & tales of the press & media.


Such unsubstantiated claims and drivel….