If I'm Being Honest

My Journey from Anxious Alcoholic to Happy Man

5h 55min

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This is
Holland's Got Talent jurorDan Karaty's devastating, moving, and painfully honest account of his life before, during, and after rehab

Choreographer Dan Karaty is living the life: he is traveling around the world partying, garnering attention, and making money. When he joins the jury of
So You Think You Can Dance and
Holland's Got Talent the Dutch audience falls for the charms of this smiling American. But behind his smile, Dan is hiding a big secret. He's an alcoholic.

The more successful Dan becomes, the more he drinks. He can still do his job and perform his duties, so what's the problem? But along with his growing success come more and more social obligations. He becomes dependent on alcohol, and it takes him all he's got to keep up appearances.

Then the COVID pandemic hits and he's stuck at home. He can no longer retreat into his hotel room to drink a couple of bottles. But he cannot stop either. For the first time in his life, he admits he needs help and he and his wife agree that he has to go to rehab. He goes, not knowing if he will be welcomed home when he gets back.

In de pers

'I'm so proud of you, your willpower, your perseverance, your courage and your love for your family, and now also for yourself. And… I'm so glad you're back.' Chantal Janzen




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5h 55min





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