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To win the God of War’s favor was wise – to fall in love with him would ruin me

Liyen, heir to Tianxia, has grown up knowing she must serve the immortals who once protected her and her kingdom from a vicious enemy. When she is poisoned, her grandfather steals an enchanted lotus to save her life. Enraged at his betrayal, the immortal queen commands the powerful God of War to attack Tianxia.

Upon her grandfather’s death, Liyen ascends a precarious throne, vowing to end her kingdom’s obligation to the immortals. When she is summoned to the Immortal Realm, she seizes the opportunity to learn their secrets and to form a tenuous alliance to safeguard her people, all with the one she should fear and mistrust the most: the ruthless God of War. As they are drawn together, a treacherous attraction ignites between them—one she has to resist, to not endanger all she is fighting for.

But with darker forces closing in around them, and her kingdom plunged into peril, Liyen must risk everything to save her people from an unspeakable fate, even if it means forging a dangerous bond with the immortal…even if it means losing her heart.

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Daughter of the Moon Goddess, (‘Epic, romantic, and enthralling’ Stephanie Garber), a breathtaking new romantic fantasy filled with dangerous secrets, forbidden magic and passion.