Book cover for Love Yourself Well

Love Yourself Well

An Empowering Wellness Guide to Supporting Your Gut, Brain, and Vagina

Description of the book

A frank and accessible guide to optimizing women’s health by Lo Bosworth—the CEO and founder of Love Wellness—tracing the interconnectivity of the gut, brain, and vagina, and providing natural solutions to intimate problems.

Lo Bosworth didn’t know what to do, when—out of nowhere—she began experiencing strange physical ailments like fatigue, yeast infections, and debilitating brain fog. The CEO and former reality TV star was no stranger to anxiety or depression, but those were easier to trace, and more easily solved; these new, mysterious ailments were chronic.

Love Yourself Well is inspired by Lo’s personal journey to health, and the setbacks she encountered along the way. As she would come to find, the issues she was experiencing were common—but sadly invisible in conversations about public health. In detailing her own personal journey to better health and empowerment, Lo passes along the lessons she learned in the pursuit of body harmony. Alongside a panel of medical experts, Lo demystifies the science behind the gut-brain-vagina axis, showing how—with frankness and humor—she has become the go-to expert for millennials on sexual health and overall wellness. Most importantly, Lo provides a space to engage honestly and openly about the intimate issues women face—and need to speak about.

The book answers questions like:

How does my overall health affect my vaginal health?Is there a way to heal leaky gut and leaky brain?Are there supplements and a diet to encourage body harmony?Is my body normal? What is normal when it comes to sexual wellness?Chock full of recipes, exercises, and implementable strategies to meet your wellness goals, Love Yourself Well offers a comprehensive plan to rejuvenate your health, and help you go from feeling blah to feeling balanced.

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.