Book cover for Mothtown


Description of the book

As a child, David could tell something was wrong. The kids in school spread rumors of missing people, nests of bones, and bodies appearing in the mountains. His sister refused to share what she knew, and his parents turned off the TV whenever he entered the room. Protecting him, they said. Worse, the only person who shared anything at all with him, his beloved grandpa, disappeared without a goodbye. Mum and Dad said he was dead. But what about the exciting discovery Grandpa had been working on for his whole life? Now twenty six, David lives alone and takes each day as it comes. When a strange package arrives on his doorstep, one with instructions not to leave the Earth, a new world is unfurled before him, one he’s been trying to suppress for years… Blending horror and literary fiction, Mothtown is the strange new novel from celebrated author Caroline Hardaker.