My Best Friend's Secret (Unabridged)

9h 42min

Description of the book

BRAND NEW FROM DANIELLE RAMSAYFive women; pretty, privileged, perfect, and ultimately protected... but not for long...It was 'their' dark secret.
For twenty-two-years they kept it buried.
Time hasn't healed my wounds. Instead, they've festered.
Their actions went unpunished. Until now...Shamed, scarred, and shunned, I watched, waited and plotted how to shatter their enviable lives.
Now, finally, they will suffer as I did at their cruel hands that fateful night.Time's up. I am here for you, Dr Claudia Harper. But first, you'll witness your childhood friends, one by one, beg for mercy.
And I've saved the best 'til last, so watch your back; I'm closer than you think.
I'm here to expose your best friend's secret. The one you've all kept hidden...A tale of betrayal, dark, twisted lies and long-awaited retribution. Perfect for the fans of Claire McGowan, Shalini Boland and S. E. Lynes

Praise for Danielle Ramsay:
'A heart pounding read that had me glued to the pages.' - Keri Beevis
'Bold, brutal, and utterly compelling! My heart was pounding every step of the way. Highly recommended!' - A.A. Chaudhuri
'A truly terrifying tale of destruction and survival.' - Valerie Keogh
'Gripping, incisive and bold, THE PERFECT HUSBAND is a haunting and compelling thriller that will have you rooted to the spot until you've devoured every last page. Danielle Ramsay is a revelation!' - Awais Khan
'A terrifying and highly personal account of control and domestic violence with a shocking and harrowing realisation that this could happen to anyone. Highly recommended' - Howard Linksey
'A gripping story, a brilliant writer, an easy five stars from me' - John Nicholl
'A real page-turner with an antagonist you'll love to hate' - Gemma Rogers
'An excellent portrayal of a living nightmare - it will chill you to the core.' - Diane Saxon



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9h 42min






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