Book cover for Neena Lee Is Seeing Things

Neena Lee Is Seeing Things

Description of the book

The last thing Neena needs is to start seeing things, but then JFK, Jr. asks for her help. The problem is…he’s been dead for twenty-five years.


Fifty-six-year-old Neena Lee is desperate to revive her travel writing career, though panic attacks have disrupted her work, and the new upstart editor has fired everyone else over the age of forty.

Neena’s finally sent on assignment to the remote Georgia island where John F. Kennedy, Jr. was married in a secret, paparazzi-free wedding. She’s shocked to find JFK, Jr. himself waiting for her there. Is he a hallucination brought on by her latest meds? A ghost? He claims to desperately need her help, and it seems Neena might need his help, too.