No Hard Feelings

TikTok's new favourite book - the witty and vulnerable debut novel from the author of CRUSHING, for readers of Dolly Alderton, Coco Mellors and Curtis Sittenfeld

Rating 3.9
8h 1min

Description of the book

Hungover, underpaid and overwhelmed, this isn't where Penny expected to be as she reached her late twenties. A sharp, smart and witty look at adulting - Fleabag meets Sorrow and Bliss with a splash of Dolly Alderton.

'No Hard Feelings is clever, funny and surprisingly sweet, and Penny captured my heart' Toni Jordan

I exist on validation from emotionally unavailable men, biscuits, and cheap wine, and it's easier to get off with Max than a Tiny Teddy.

Penny can't help but compare herself to her friends. Annie is about to become a senior associate at her law firm, Bec has just got engaged, Leo is dating everyone this side of the Yarra, and Penny is just ... waiting. Waiting for Max, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, to allow her to spend the night, waiting for the promotion she was promised, waiting for her Valium to kick in. Waiting for her real life to start.

Out of excuses and sick of falling behind, Penny is determined to turn things around. She's going to make it work with Max, impress her tyrannical boss, quit seeing her useless therapist, remember to water her plants, and stop having panic attacks in the work toilets.

But soon she's back to doomscrolling on Instagram, necking bottles of Aldi's finest sauvignon blanc, and criticising herself with renewed vigour and loathing. As her goals seem further away than ever, she has to wonder: when bad habits feel so good, how do you trust what's right for you?

Praise for No Hard Feelings:

'Genevieve Novak will inevitably be compared to other authors, but the truth is, she is herself and herself alone - and that's a good thing. Funny, biting, vulnerable and unflinching, Novak's novel is like an ocean dip: a bit salty, very refreshing.' Lauren Sams

'Scaldingly funny and bitingly real, No Hard Feelings deserves a warning label: danger, may induce binge reading. With her sly wit, Genevieve Novak's debut demonstrates a brilliant eye for observing the little things in life, which together can be the biggest things of all.' Tori Haschka, author of Grace Under Pressure

'No Hard Feelings is a gratifying, warm and funny debut' Books+Publishing

'Novak has perfectly captured the self-doubt and total horror of having to be happy and functional in your twenties. It would have you crying into your chipped manicure if it wasn't so darn funny.' Kimberley Allsopp, author of Love and Other Puzzles



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8h 1min





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Reviews of No Hard Feelings

Love love love this book and absolutely loved the narration


Such a lovely book. You love her and you hate her and you cry because you see yourself in her and her friends. It's bittersweet and funny and humiliating and wonderful.


Absolutely loved it and could relate through so many things! Funny but also touches on self worth!


Relevant read for late 20s early 30 year olds and super easy to listen to!