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Outback Roads

The Nanny

Description of the book

Determined never to trust a man again, Callie Young walks out of her job as a presenter on the weather channel, determined to take the first job that will get her out of the city and away from the TikTok video, #WRONGFORECAST, that has amused the world. Meeting her new employer, the cranky and bossy owner of Kilcoy Station, reinforces her belief that no man can be trusted - but, to her dismay, that doesn't stop her developing an attraction to him! Braden is unimpressed with the glamorous woman the employment agency sends in response to his desperate ad for a nanny. She's never been out of the city, barely knows the difference between a bull and a milking cow, and drives a luxury car. But she makes him feel things he'd thought were gone for good. Will he protect his heart - or allow himself to fall for her?