Book cover for Outback Winds

Outback Winds

The Jillaroo

Description of the book

Amelia Foley's parents hoped for a professional career in the city for their only daughter. But she hates city life, and sets off to work as a jillaroo on Kilcoy Station. Local shire building inspector Ben Riley visits Kilcoy to advise Braden Cartwright on a planned expansion. After a run-in with Amelia's sidekick - Chilli, the golden retriever - Ben insists she and her pet come to town to attend the local dog obedience classes. As the jillaroo and the inspector spend more time together, attraction grows quickly. But Ben can't wait to move to the city, while Amelia wants to make a success of her career on the huge cattle spread. Will his growing feelings for Amelia be enough for Ben to stay in the bush? And can she give her heart to a man who wants to leave all that she loves?