Book cover for Return to Lilacwell

Return to Lilacwell

Description of the book

Can love bloom in Lilacwell once more?

Newly engaged couple Jasper and Adira have finally settled into The Laurels manor, and officially bid farewell to their respective city lives.

Inspired by their journey, Rory, Adira’s friend and ex-colleague, yearns for a fresh start and rekindles his relationship with Lilacwell’s innkeeper, Cassie.

But Cassie has been loved and left before and is reluctant to trust Rory. Will she dare to trust again, or will the allure of his promising law career sway his choices?

With Jasper and Adira’s wedding just around the corner, some big changes are coming to the sleepy village...

A beautifully cosy romance for fans of Holly Martin and Jessica Redland.

Praise for "Return to Lilacwell":

‘The perfect romance.’ - Reader review

‘What a lovely book... each chapter made me smile. A truly uplifting happy read!’ - Reader review

‘A sweet book... very enjoyable characters and setting.’ - Reader review

Sasha Morgan lives in a village by the coast in Lancashire. She writes mainly contemporary fiction, with her previous series having a touch of 'spice' -probably due to all the Jilly Cooper novels she read as a teenager.