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Small Eden

Description of the book

Secrets shared can bind hearts, but secrets concealed? That's a tale of its own.

The year is 1884. Robert Cooke and his pregnant wife Freya tragically lose their two sons to scarlet fever, sending Freya into self-imposed isolation for the safety of their unborn child. Cut off from each other, their shared grief becomes a silent, destructive foe.

A decade later and now a successful businessman, Robert conceives a poignant tribute to his lost sons - a pleasure garden. But in withholding his vision from Freya, he widens the gulf between them.

Unexpectedly, it is another woman who understands his heart: The eccentric and exceedingly talented artist Florence Hoddy.

Hailed by The Bookseller as 'One to Watch', Jane Davis writes thought-provoking literary page turners with a strong commercial edge. Her first novel "Half-Truths and White Lies", won a national award established with the aim of finding 'the next Joanne Harris'.