The Close

Rating 4.3
13h 23min
Maeve Kerrigan

Description of the book

‘If you haven’t read Jane Casey, start immediately’ Marian Keyes, the Sunday Times No.1 BestsellerA Times best crime book of 2023Suburban blissThe new neighbours seem just right for Jellicoe Close, a pretty street filled with perfect houses and happy families.

Sinister secretsBut one neat front door hides a ruthless criminal – and the new neighbours aren’t what they seem to be either. DS Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent are undercover, posing as a couple to investigate a deadly conspiracy.

Murderous deceptionAs they try to gather the evidence they need, they have no idea of the true threat they face – because someone in Jellicoe Close has murder on their mind…

‘A full-blooded triple-decker mystery…The Close is Jane Casey at her very best’
The Times

‘A deliciously bingeable read’
Ruth Ware

‘Another cracker from Jane Casey’
Cara Hunter

‘Thrums with the tension of a classic crime thriller’
Sarah Hilary

‘The most dangerously addictive series in crime fiction’
Erin Kelly

‘The Close is Jane’s best Maeve Kerrigan novel yet. Absolutely brilliant!’
Liz Nugent

‘A brilliant example of nothing being as it seems’
Harriet Tyce

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Length Audiobook:

13h 23min





Publisher Audiobook::

HarperCollins UK

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What others think

Reviews of The Close

Good story and like the humour. Narration very easy to listen too!


Superb plots very exciting . So we'll written and also brilliantly read


The problem with a police detective series, where there is a sexual attraction between two detectives, is that you know the series will be unsustainable if they actually do get together. Their relationship will/will not last, but, either way, there will be no more detecting together. If they really are in a relationship, then they wouldn’t be allowed to work together, and if the relationship doesn’t last – well, you’ve lost the whole point of the series, haven’t you?. So the only alternative is to keep the reader in suspense and string ‘em along. That is what is happening here and I’m getting a little tired of it. The central premise that places Maeve and Josh together is unbelievable. There is a slightly interesting murder, with which the book opens, but this is strung out and is much less interesting than it might have been. Maeve isn’t much use as a detective and Josh is becoming a bit of a pain. I will listen to other ones but I think this series is reaching the buffers