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The Daughter-in-Law

Description of the book

‘A moving, relatable and heart-thumpingly good story about family secrets and the lengths we’ll go to protect our loved ones.’ CATHY BRAMLEY

When Hope’s only son Paul met and married Edie, Hope was delighted that he had found love and was settling down to make his own family. Hope has loved bringing up her own child, and is happy to step in and help out now and again – but is always worried about overstepping the line between grandmother and mother.

Edie was hoping that having children with Paul would fulfil her as much as her busy job as a barrister has. But the reality is far from her dream. And with her mother-in-law Hope constantly poking her nose in where it’s not wanted, she finds herself frustrated and alone.

Both women could be each other’s greatest ally, but both have secrets that could ruin their relationship. Secrets neither wants Paul to uncover…

'A delicious tangle of secrets and dilemmas . . . it will have you rooting for one side or the other - or maybe both! Immensely enjoyable' VERONICA HENRY

‘Packed with secrets, shocks, shifting allegiances and surprising parallels between the lives of the two warring women… Propulsive and riveting’ MATT CAIN

‘Brilliant on the nuances of family dynamics . . . I was totally absorbed’ KATE EBERLEN

'Blake has created an intriguing cast of characters that feel real from the off and the result is a deeply moving read' heat magazine

'Another fabulous family drama from Fanny Blake' Women's Weekly

'You can reply on Fanny Blake for a moving, emotional read, and The Daughter-in-Law is her best novel yet. The myriad revelations are expertly plotted in this sensitive exploration of tangled family ties' Anne Cater, Daily Record

'A brilliant page-turner' Bella

'A gripping family story with strong characters' People's Friend

'This warm-hearted, absorbing page-turner is especially brilliant on friendship and family.' Daily Mail