Book cover for The Fifth Avenue Apartment

The Fifth Avenue Apartment

Description of the book

A fabulous Fifth Avenue apartment. The world of luxury real estate sales and a cutthroat co-worker. A charismatic boss and an intriguing next-door neighbor… It also takes place during the holidays and has the feel-good warmth of a Hallmark movie.

Thirty-year-old Sophie has longed to live in Manhattan but could never afford to do so--even with roommates. She has just been laid off from a job that she didn't love.

When her 92 year-old great aunt invites her to stay with her for a while--in her Fifth Avenue Apartment, Sophie jumps at the chance to move to the city. She decides to temp for a while to find out what industry she wants to go to next as she is burned out from the stress of working at a law firm.

Meanwhile her aunt is playing match-maker with their very attractive neighbor, Max. Although he has been dating a supermodel for the past year, so he goes firmly into the friend zone.

Much to Sophie's surprise, after temping as a receptionist in a luxury real estate agency, she discovers she has an aptitude for it and is offered a chance to move into sales. She's nervous about all commission and declines the opportunity.

But then life happens, bringing some big changes, and she reconsiders.

She falls in love with the work although it is challenging and things don't always go as expected. She also has to deal with a jealous, cutthroat co-worker and the flattering attention of their charismatic and brilliant boss. Sophie has a lot to learn about real estate, navigating toxic co-workers and what she wants in a relationship.