The French Chateau Escape - A BRAND NEW gorgeous, escapist read from TOP 10 BESTSELLER Gillian Harvey for 2023 (Unabridged)

7h 56min

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It seemed like a good idea. Selling everything we owned. Just Mark and me, swapping our tiny, little, terraced London home - and the heartbreak of not being able to start a family - for an entire chateau in the middle of France... It's everyone's dream. And now it's coming true for us.
As I use the rusty key to open the big, creaking wooden door of the tumbledown fairytale chateau that's officially our new home, I wonder: what could possibly go wrong?Little do I know that the answer is going to be... 'everything'. I don't speak nearly as much French as I should yet, but I feel like there's no mistaking the villagers' hostility. Nor the look of shock on the builder's face when he sees the roof.
Can our marriage survive this adventure? With all the tumbling masonry, will we?
As the French sun blazes overhead, one thing's for sure: it's going to be a year to remember...




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7h 56min






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