The Guide to Gymnastics for children

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Description of the book

* Younger children can also do gymnastics without getting bored, as long as parents, teachers, babysitters or siblings are involved and become their monitors.
* It can be started at home, but if the weather is fine, it can also be done outdoors, preferably in a meadow or on the beach. The desire to play, which is never lacking in children, will do the rest.
* This book offers you many useful tips and a host of games designed to develop children's motor potential and stimulate their imagination, imitation skills, balance, coordination, etc.
* Each exercise is explained in detail in this book so that the child can have as much fun as possible.
* To begin with, the simplest exercises, which can be done with the body alone, are presented for the youngest children. This is followed by a progressive description of games with a rope, a newspaper and a ball, which can be done alone or in groups to develop creativity and motor coordination.
* Throughout these pages, you will see that gymnastics for children does not have to be tiring and monotonous.




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Parkstone International

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