The guide to starting school

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Entering school, in order to pursue early childhood education from 3 to 6 years old, constitutes a key moment in the child's life. The little one is usually excited and proud to enter the "elder's court", although this is not always the case and there may be some situations that parents must control. In any case, to avoid possible problems at this stage, the child always needs to feel close to his parents. At three years of age, and even earlier, it is convenient for him to begin to adapt to new situations: he will have to discover that his teacher cannot only take care of him, that some classmates are a little more active and others less, that he is not the only one, and that the days are long and sometimes tiring.
* What should be done to support him in this adventure?
* How to prepare him for his entry into school?
* What will you really learn?
* What should we do if you are not comfortable with your teacher?
* What if he fights with a certain frequency, or is only in the breaks?
* How to act if one day you don't want to go to school?



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