The Stolen Girls

An absolutely gripping and emotional thriller

12h 1min

Description of the book

Jennifer watches the last school bus leave before she sinks onto the step and waits for her dad to arrive. She looks up to see the nice man searching for his dog. She can take a break to help him. What harm can it do?

Widowed single dad Ron pulls up to his daughter's school in his beat-up Volvo, and feels his heart deflating. He knows Jennifer will be upset he didn't get the promotion he worked so hard for.

But Jennifer isn't there. As Ron frantically searches the entire school, the minutes turning into hours, he finds himself living every parent's worst nightmare... his child has been taken.

Days later, Ron is watching a news report, and the image of a girl with reddish-blonde hair smiling proudly next to a grand piano fills the screen. The twelve-year-old, Rebecca, was out rollerblading with her dad, Todd. When he stopped to buy pizza, she was gone.

Ron can barely breathe as a vision of his precious daughter flashes in his mind – her almond-shaped eyes, caramel skin and nose that leans slightly to the left. Why is no one looking for his Jennifer?

As an anguished Ron struggles for Jennifer's search to gain the same urgency as that of Todd's daughter, new clues arise suggesting a shocking link between the two missing girls' cases.

They may be worlds apart, but Ron and Todd now share an agonizing bond. With time running out and the police no closer to finding their daughters, the two grief-stricken fathers unite. But will their search put Jennifer and Rebecca in even more danger? And with each second that slips away, can Ron and Todd save their girls from an unthinkable fate?

A heart-stopping, chilling and emotionally charged thriller for fans of Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben, S.A. Cosby, and Lisa Gardner.

Acclaim for Jeff Stetson:

“Move over John Grisham. There’s a new king of torts... a powder keg of a tale full of intrigue and shock that will leave readers longing for more well after its dynamic conclusion.” The Midwest Book Review

“Playwright-turned-novelist Stetson paints with broad strokes and bold polemic colors, raising provocative questions while keeping the plot on the move in the tradition of the best contemporary commercial fiction.” Kirkus Reviews

“Provocative… Riveting… Stetson builds a thriller cum social commentary cum character study, anchored in a courtroom drama… A controversial issue depicted in broad, compelling strokes and examined from a number of vantage points… sharp storytelling.” Publishers Weekly

“A high-octane legal thriller that puts the justice system on the stand… But it is Stetson’s smart and amusing prose and his overall originality that will keep the reader hanging on to the very end.” Black Issues Book Review

“This stellar debut transcends the genre, offering a compelling commentary on the justice system. Stetson shows a keen ear for dialogue and a deft hand for characterization. Find a comfortable chair, plan to stay up late and enjoy the ride. Highly recommended!” Sheldon Siegel, bestselling author of Final Verdict




Length Audiobook:

12h 1min





Publisher Audiobook:

Storm Publishing

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