The Wife Upstairs

Rating 4
10h 3min

Description of the book

Victoria Barnett has it all: a great career as a nurse practitioner, a handsome and loving husband, a beautiful home in the suburbs, and a plan to fill it with children. Life is perfect—or so it seems. Then she’s in a terrible accident… and everything falls apart. Now Victoria is unable to walk. She can’t feed or dress herself. She can’t even speak. She is confined to the top floor of her house with twenty-four-hour care. Sylvia Robinson is hired by Victoria’s husband to help care for her. But it turns out Victoria isn’t as impaired as Sylvia was led to believe. There’s a story Victoria desperately wants to tell… if only she could get the words out. Then Sylvia discovers Victoria’s diary hidden away in a drawer. And what’s inside is shocking.



Length Audiobook:

10h 3min





Publisher Audiobook::

Dreamscape Media

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Reviews of The Wife Upstairs

Goodness me, I can't remember when I have ever read a more predictable and quite unrealistic book. boy meets girl, there's a million red flags which are ignored (no-one of sound mind would ignore these), it was quite ridiculous . Definitely has put me off trying another by this author


Mediocre story. Too drawn out. Twists at the end were OK but mostly predictable.


This book got me hooked and the narrator was really good


Ok book some good twists and turns but did see them coming. Narrators voice can her very whiny.