Book cover for Trauma


Description of the book

In the dark labyrinth of his memories, can Cameron Todd uncover the truth about his girlfriend's fatal plunge from a clifftop?

With a brain injury preventing him from remembering anything, even the night Emma died, Cameron is trapped in a sinister game of piecing together his fragmented past.

Accusations swirl around him - the police, Emma's grieving family - they all question whether his amnesia is a mere pretence. As he struggles to reconstruct the mosaic of his life, Cameron discovers that his relationship with Emma may not have been as idyllic as he believed. Could he have played a role in her death?

Battling the fog of self-doubt and confusion, Cameron is torn between trusting his fragmented memories or fearing the lurking shadows of truth. Will his quest for answers expose a deadly secret he'd rather forget?

From the acclaimed author of "The Silent Girls", this gripping psychological thriller promises a chilling journey of suspense and deception. Perfect for fans of D.S. Butler and Carol Wyer.

Dylan Young is from South Wales and author of dark psychological thrillers, children's books and an adult contemporary fantasy.