Yule Island

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Art expert Emma Lindhal is anxious when she's asked to appraise the antiques in the infamous manor house of one of Sweden's wealthiest families, on the island of Storholmen, where a young woman was murdered nine years earlier, her killer never found. As she goes about her painstaking work and one shocking discovery yields clues that lead to another, Emma becomes determined to uncover the secrets of the house and its occupants. When the lifeless body of another young woman is found in the icy waters surrounding the island, Detective Karl Rosén arrives to investigate. Could this young woman's tragic death somehow hold the key to the first? Battling her own demons, Emma joins forces with Karl to embark upon a chilling investigation, plunging them into horrifying secrets from the past - Viking rites and tainted love - and Scandinavia's deepest, darkest winter. . .


David Warriner


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6h 49min





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Reviews of Yule Island

This story has three different points of view, and I’m not always keen on multiples perspectives. It is gruesome and rather unbelievable. It gets off to a slow start and I didn’t find the conclusion very satisfactory because it’s all really rather involved. Nevertheless, I will listen to more of these, because I understand it’s the first in a series. The author is apparently known as the queen of French Noir and I will listen to the other book of hers that’s on here. Definitely a good yarn.