The Holy Bible - Hosea
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In the Book of Hosea, God talks to the Israelites through the Prophet Hosea. He was married to a woman named Gomer, who was unfaithful to him, and they had children together. Despite her infidelity, God tells Hosea to get her back. He obeys God. It also tells of God's relationship with Israel where God is like a faithful husband. The book tells about the favors that God bestowed upon Israel and how they broke their covenant with Him. But despite that, God was faithful to them because He is loving and compassionate. Hosea further mentions that the failure to obey their covenant with God will lead Israel to ruin. Then he narrates the unfaithfulness of the previous Israelite families who broke their covenant with God and suffered. He goes on to say that if the people repent and turn away from their wayward behavior, God will have mercy on and forgive them. The theme of this book is to elucidate God's nature as the ultimate healer and savior.
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